Increase Engagement


Increase Employee Engagement

Kalido can help you to create a culture of employee engagement and inclusivity by breaking down barriers using smart collaboration tools and shared interest discovery. Employees can connect through common causes and interests - a great way for your teams to build rapport and find common ground, especially when working remotely.

Employee Engagement Platform

Drive engagement & inclusivity

Employee engagement and inclusivity are at the heart of Kalido. With all the discovery, collaboration and engagement tools you need on one platform, employees can connect and collaborate without limitations.

Workplace Engagement Platform
Workplace Engagement Platform

Connect through interests & SDGs

Your employees can join communities and build connections on Kalido based on common interests and Sustainable Development Goals. Creating these communities encourages participation and promotes employee wellbeing.

Discover what engages your people

We can show you which topics and conversations are generating the most engagement in Channels and Group Chats on Kalido, helping you to understand your people better and to create the right culture for your business.

Talent engagement platform
Team engagement platform

Introductions & recommendations

Kalido makes it simple for people to introduce and recommend each other, through clever functionality and handy icebreaker messages. This is invaluable for boosting skills credibility, growing networks and making great connections, including mentors.

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